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Writhy Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul Mod 6.3



This euphoria mod's goal is to aim for OverGrowth and GTA 4 style reactions. Leave your suggestions down below or via discord and i will try my best at making it possible :D .

Mod Features:
- Realistic Falls

- GTA 4 rolling

- Realistic and more balancive gunshot reactions

- Traumatic brutal headshots

- All New Player Death reaction

- More dynamic and fun drunk reactions

- Realistic burning reactions

- Realistic explosion reactions

- Improved explosion ragdoll radius

- RDR 2 Legshot reactions

- Realistic vehicle bailout reactions

- Crazily Brutal Shotgun Reactions

- Different gunshot behaviours

- 3 Different shot reaction death options you can choose from

And much much more that gives you the most fun euphoria ragdoll mod experience to date

How to install the euphoria mod into your game, its easy.
just navigate to mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune and paste the physictasks.ymt file there.
for behaviours, go to mods/common.rpf/data/naturalmotion and replace my behaviours.xml with your current one

Have Fun!
Hope you enjoy!

stay tuned by following this mod and subscribing to my channel
about my channel:
i make ragdoll videos for gta 4, gta 5
Known bugs: none, yet. Let me know!

v 0.1:
release. nothing special
v 0.2
weapon impulses has been decreased so the npc would not collapse instantly to its death.
v 0.3 all bugs has been fixed and rolling is now better.
-explosion reactions has been changed
-falling reactions now has a feature that when you go rolling for a little bit of time and go in a high speed then
the player will change fall type when close to the ground. the fall will change back to a normal fall when the player
is high from the ground.
-ped reactions only have been changed a little but when you shoot at a pedestrian then the npc will not collapse always but sometimes
he/she can collapse easily and when shot, sometimes the npc will move a few steps forward.
- fire reactions has also been changed

0.5 update changes:
-Falling reactions has slightly been changed

-NPC Reactions is now much better. the npc will not collapse easily except when the npc is running or he/she has been shot with a shotgun or any powerful weapon

0.6 update changes:

All of the falls has been changed to a more improved fall than the original falls

Many bugs has been fixed. there is some left tho so all bugs hasn't been fixed yet

List of bug fixes:
when ultimate ragdoll is on and you pressed the key you configured it on then the player will not ragdoll. the player will try to stand instead.

List of things what will come in the very last version:

Realistic npc gun reactions will come when the mod is finished. its hard for me to make them realistic because i dont use rageuphoria's mod file nor i use bass dragon's euphoria.
i use the very original euphoria file. if you wanna ask why i dont use those realistic euphoria mod files. its because some of the messages in the file are completely removed
so i can't change every reaction. in the original file i can. in the original file, smart fall messages what i mostly change are in total 21 and in the modded versions there are only 5 in bass dragon's euphoria mod and
in rage euphoria's file there are 6.

0.7 update changes

rolling is more realistic

falling has been slightly changed

shot reactions has been changed but they are crappy as hell right now. if you wanna see improvements to shot reactions, use an mg or a shotgun.

bug fixes:
flying out of a windshield/windscreen doesn't make player's body start twitching anymore.

1.0 changes
Rolling/pratfalling when falling in highspeed, the player will pedal his legs just like in gta 4

HighHighFall now uses BodyWrithe for fall

Shot reactions are now fixed but impulses are too low. have been having problems with it lately where sometimes the weapon will send an massive impulse to the npc and the npc will be sent flying.

Explosion Reactions have been changed a little

Only minor changes in the Fire Reactions.

List of bug fixes:
the body freeze npc shooting while dead is not fixed cuz before when i tried to fix the bug, it was easy to fix before but now its hard to fix it. all bugs should be fixed in the next update cuz bugs are gonna be my main focus for now

2.0 changes

Explosion Reactions and radius has majorly been improved

Fire Reactions minorly changed

Falling Reactions massively improved.
When you fall and hit a object, the falling reaction will change. First falling reaction without impact uses BodyWrithe task and falling reaction with impact uses smartfall task

Vehicle bail has only minor changes

HighFall majorly improved

Rolling majorly improved

Headshots improved. now the npc will sometimes drop instantly when shot to the head, sometimes the npc takes a couple steps and drops

3.0 changes:
Bug Fixes:
freezing ragdoll body now fixed, the bug when exiting a vehicle, the player will ragdoll is fixed as well. submit any bugs you see cuz i didn't experience anything when testing the mod.
the video of the new update will come out tomorrow. stay tuned :D
Rolling improved. Rolling will have more friction and velocity when rolling.

Highfall improved, now it will not be a rolling fall, instead it will be an smart type fall. HighFall low speed uses yanked task and Highfall high speed uses BodyWrithe task. Same goes with stunt jump which is the task when activating ragdoll through SPACE & R

Shot reactions slightly improved, now they won't collapse like idiots when shooting them a couple of times, well sometimes they will collapse when shot. Headshot task feels more dead than alive.

NPC's will grab now more often, on bikes as well but will not grab not much when you drive slowly and the npc will collapse if you bump into them with a vehicle which will be improved in the next update. This improvement was suggested by @Matador da 25 and @SamTheManOG so thanks to them for the suggestion.

when pushing an npc, the npc won't grab the floor anymore because the mod had a problem where the npc glitches out when grabbing the floor and blood pours like blender.

what will be in the next update:
Electrocute task reactions
Pushing NPC's reactions
Shot reactions will have an massive improvement
Big Improvements to Explosion Reactions
Huge Improvements to Fire Reactions
Big Improvements to Vehicle Bailout Reactions

5.2 update changelog

-Rolling friction & velocity improved, now you will not roll down like soap

-Shot Reactions improved, now the npc will not immediately collapse when shot sometimes while the npc is standing

-HighFall & HighHighFall improved, HighHighFall now uses task smartFall and HighFall uses BodyWrithe

-Legshots slightly improved. the impulse has been decreased that when shot with a pistol so the leg wouldn't pull itself backwards

Bug Fixes:
Spinning has now been removed. now the npc's won't spin when shot with automatic weapons

5.3 update changelog

-Legshot reactions improved

-Stuntjump task changed a little

-Gunshot reactions improved.

-Reach for the wound while dead task added (inspired by RDR2)

-HighHighFallEnd task changed, now uses task upperbodyFlinch. Btw if you don't know what task highhighfallend does then i can explain. it's a reaction that can be encountered via falling from air to the ground when the normal fall is activated (Highhighfallstart)

-TwoHanded Holding added. This doesn't mean that you can hold two handed weapons while in ragdoll. It means that when an npc is holding an assault rifle, the npc will hold the weapon with both hands.

-Rolling velocity increased

Bug Fixes:
no bug fixes

Known Bugs:
when falling into bushes by not rolling, the player seems to not want to enter the pavements. you get impulsed back
no other bugs. Let me know if you find any bugs that is gamebreaking and can be encountered very often

5.4 (BIG UPDATE) update changelog

-Bailing out of a vehicle reaction now looks more satisfied than ever. The player will pedal their legs like in gta 4 and will roll like in gta 4

-Impulse tasks are fixed and better now. The shotgun will now send perfect amount of force to the npc (tested on vanilla weapons.meta).

-Pushing reactions and melee reactions have been changed a little.

-Impulse problems for bat smashing has been fixed

-Stunt jump's StayUpright issue has been balanced so you don't succesfully land all the time on your feet.

-Bullet force to the guts has been increased

-Rolling friction has been decreased

-Legshots have been improved. Now it doesn't look like the npc is collapsing weirdly. Collapses more like in other euphoria mods

-Balancing while burst firing or automatic firing has been fixed and more balanced. Now the npc will not fall over when being shot rapidly.

-InjuredOnGround task changed. Reduced the chance that npc could raise their arms or sometimes try to take a selfie in imagination before they die.

5.5 (BIG NOTICEABLE CHANGES) update changelog

-Bailing out of a vehicle gravity has been changed a little

-Gunshot reactions have been improved, micro smg balancing now feels more dynamic

-Pushing reactions have been improved (thanks to HZDRT)

-Stunt jump's balancing has been improved.

-Rolling friction has been decreased, again

-Shot FatallyInjured Reactions improved. The npc will now pedal their legs and will get stunned after drop.

-Gravity changes. while windmilling or body moving fast, player's body will move more forward and have more velocity while falling

-HighHighFallEnd improved

-Falling off a bike crash height improved

-Brought back behaviours.xml

-HighFall improved

Bug Fixes:
Npc will not fall to their knees anymore while being pushed
Spinning is now completely removed
Weird stepping issue reduced

Bugs that has not been fixed:
Ragdoll not detecting the grab
Melee Reactions

6.0 update changelog (A MASSIVE UPDATE!!)

-Gunshot reactions are now completely redefined/remade and much more improved compared to previous releases.

-Half of weapon types have an unique reaction. for example: Smg, pistol and MG weapon reactions are different compared to shotgun or automatic reactions

-RDR 2 InjuredOnGround feature added when dying or pressing the ragdoll button (only when lifeless ragdoll option is on) . this will also activate when player stops burning and goes into ragdoll mode. Which means no ragdoll falling anymore, only euphoria physics :D

-GTA 4 Rolling Added

-Falling is now much more fluid and GTA 4 like

-Fire reactions improved

-Legshots improved, the npc will collapse now much easier

-Headshots now feel more deadly. When shot with a pistol, their body will freak out (sometimes, not always). The npc will collapse when shot with an automatic weapon but will drop a little slower depending on your weapon force. If you have Gunplay Overhaul 1.5 installed, the npc will drop much slower. if you have vanilla weapons.meta, then the npc will fall back

-HighHighfallStart changed

-SuperHighFallStart added (which i should have added a while ago)

-Bailing out of a vehicle reactions changed a little

-Weapon damage now affects body seizure on headshot. the stronger the gun or smaller the force, the npc will plop down. The weaker the gun or bigger the force, the more increased of a chance the npc can have a body seizure when headshotted. Reminder: this doesn't affect automatic weapon headshot reactions

-Melee Reactions are now more improved. the npc will now fall down because of the punch force. They will not stand like drunk idiots anymore when being punched

-OIV Package added for easier installation

-FatallyInjured reactions improved

Bugs Fixed:
Dragging Ragdoll not being detected
Weird stepping issue

6.1 update changelog

-Gunshots now have brutal and alive reactions.

-Npc's will behave differently in low health when shot

-Added improved drunk iv reactions

-Falling has a more alive look now

-InjuredOnGround slightly improved

-Headshots behave now just like RDR2

-Rolling has stronger body strength

-Legshots are now RDR 2 like

-FatallyInjured reactions improved

-3 Different Death reaction versions have been added. 1 will make the npc insta collapse when dead, 2 will make the npc stay up for a few seconds and then fall down, 3 is the original, will fall to knees in 2 secs

6.2 update changelog (minor update)

Falling's air resistance force is changed a little

Balancing improved for shot reactions

Bugs Fixed:
Archive manual installation

6.3 update changelog

Falling's air resistance reverted back to normal

Fatallyinjured reactions improved. NPC's now flinch everytime when shot while dead.

Stun reactions improved

Headshots now have rarer spasms and the body is weaker

Bailing out of vehicle reactions improved

And more
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