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Oh No You Didn' 3.0


Mod Changes:
Deer dont take 3 shots anymore! Happy Hunting!
Improved overall fight proficiency loadout.
Some values to Weapon Accuracy changed,
making cops a bit better with their weapons & swat even better!
Gangs have better aim too, they learnin'

Lowered health chart.(see below)(v1 included)
Lowered all thresholds of peds getting tired.
Weapon Accuracy increased.
Army has great aim, Swat has good aim, Cap'n & cops have aiiiit aim, security suck.
(gangs and grunts still being worked on)

Mod affects all peds, including gangs, security, cops, swat, & military personnel.
Peds still ragdoll but depends on shot location if they fall or not. (Needed mod:https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/euphoria-ragdoll-overhaul-ero)
Security, Cops, Swat, Military all take less time to help eachother out.
Attack Range increased.
Distance for cover increased.
but more attacks from cover. (burst duration)
Fight Proficiency decreased. (Security, Captian, Cops, & Swat)
Time Between Peeks from cover decreased.(more peeks)(more bursts)
Weapon Accuracy decreased.(Security, Captian, Cops, & Swat)
Weapon Accuracy increased. (Army)
Fight Proficiency increased. (Army Only)

Increased Ped health, armour and thresholds Chart:
ORIGINAL vs. MODv1 vs. MODv2
Health:200 vs. 500 vs. 300
Armour:0 vs. 200 vs.200
Injured at:100 vs. 115 vs. 115
Dying at:100 vs. 99 vs. 99
Tired at:150 vs. 200 vs. 100

Health:175 vs. 400 vs. 275
Armour:0 vs. 200 vs. 200
Injured at:100 vs.115 vs. 115
Dying at:100 vs. 99 vs. 99
Tired at:137 vs. 155 vs. 100

Health:150 vs. 300 vs. 250
Armour:0 vs. 200 vs. 200
Injured at:100 vs. 115 vs. 115
Dying at:100 vs. 99 vs. 99
Tired at:125 vs. 155 vs. 100

Health:200 vs. 500 vs.300
Armour:100 vs. 200 vs. 200
Injured at:100 vs. 150 vs. 115
Dying at:100 vs. 99 vs. 99
Tired at:120 vs. 120 vs. 100

This mod goes great with the following other mods:

My own Bearly Crosshair'd Mod

MiGGousT's Ragdoll mod

Eddlm's heal mod

yoits3030's injured played movement

BUUBURN & ZiPPO RAID's Roadkill mod

HIppieCommunist's Zombiez mod
(make Zombiez harder)
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