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Sri Lankan Funeral Service (menyoo) - ජයරත්න මල්ශාලාව


ඉන්ස්ටෝල් කරන ආකාරය කලින් මොඩ් කළ/නොකළ යන ඕනෑම අයෙකුට තේරුම් ගත හැකි ආකරයෙන්, සරලව, සිංහලෙන් හා රූප සටහන් සමඟ ෆයිල් එක තුල ඇති PDF එකකින් හා වීඩියෝ මඟින් පැහැදිලිකර ඇත.


1. Scripthookv - https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v
2. OpenIV - http://openiv.com
3. Menyoo trainer - https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp


1. Install “ScripthookV”, “menyoo” & “OpenIV”.

2. Extract “Sri Lankan Funeral service” rar/zip file.

3. Install all “ASI Managers” and that will make a “mods” folder in your “GTA 5” folder. If you already have a “mods” folder skip this step.

4. Minimize “OpenIV” and go to “GTA 5” folder via “My computer/This PC”. Copy “x64j” & “x64e” RPF files to mods folder.

5. Go to “OpenIV” and Enable “edit mode”.

6. In “OpenIV”, Go to,
“mods\ x64j \levels\gta5\_citye\hollywood_01\hw1_22.rpf”.
Drag and drop all files in extracted “mod files>>Shop” folder to that.

7. To appy the vehicle texture……...
In “OpenIV”, Go to,
Drag and drop the all files in extracted “mod files>>Van” folder to that.

8. Colse “OpenIV” and copy the file in “mod files>>Map placement”. Paste it to “menyoo stuff>>spooner” folder in “GTA 5” folder.

9. Run “GTA 5” and go to the location via location screenshots in “mod files>>Location” folder. Then open “menyoo trainer” from “F8” key. Go to, “object spooner>>Manage save files>>2.xml” and select “load placement”.

10. To get the van open “menyoo trainer” and go to “vehicle options>>vehicle spawner>>vans” and select 4th “burrito”. To paint the van, go to, “vehicle options>>menyoo customs>>paints>>primary>>matte” and select “black”.

Terms & conditions

Do not edit/mod/post anywhere this mod without my permission.


“Alexander Blade” for “ScripthookV”
“OpenIV” team for “OpenIV”
MAFINS for “Menyoo Trainer”.

Thank You for downloading this mod
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