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True Explosions 1.0


There are many explosion mods on this site aimed at realism, however they still end up being more Hollywood. Grenades for example don't make big fiery explosions, they just spray shrapnel. I tried one were the blast radius from a helicopter explosion over flying over you was so big that it killed you too... not fun. Just a couple things I have fixed.

Vehicle, gas and propane based explosions are now bigger, burn longer, and cause more fires. Fire hydrant geysers are huge and last several minutes. There is a larger associated blast radius with all explosions, that can damage people and objects, and send things flying. Geysers can take you up a flight of stairs. Full detailed list below, enjoy!

Important :

- This mod does not work with GTA Online. Deactivate the OpenIV rpf-loader before launching GTA Online!
- OpenIV Required (automatic install).
- >>This mod is computationally demanding. Lower end hardware (especially gpus) may result in significant FPS drops during explosions. Recommend to keep Post FX on normal for most hardware configurations.<<

General :

- Affects fuel and weapon explosions (including rockets fired from aircraft and tankshells). Small gas canisters and fire extinguishers are unaffected.
- Size of explosions in order (and how much bigger they are than before) :

1) Weapon (Same)
2) Motorcycles (1.33X)
3) Cars (3X)
4) Commerical Trucks, Aircraft, Geysers (Fire Hydrant) (4X)
5) Fuel Container (6X) (Tanker, Gas tank, Propane tank, Gas Pump)

Visuals FX :

- Same for weapon based explosions, as they are already largely realistic.
- Greatly increased for fuel based explosions and fire hydrant geysers (3 - 6 times bigger).
- Exploded vehicles and other objects burn much longer.
- Geysers last 5 minutes.

Blast Radius :

- There is a larger blast radius for all explosions, but it tapers off in strength towards the edges.
- Players and NPCs can be knocked off their feet and injured much further from the explosive visual. Vehicles and other objects can be pushed / damaged as well.
- The radius size is relative to the size of the visual effect (somewhat less for aircraft).
- Hydrant geysers can send you flying.

Weapon Explosions :

- Weapon explosions don't create fires (but can set pedestrians on fire directly).
- Grenade explosions are now shrapnel based, no fire / explosive force, larger radius.

Fuel Based Explosions :

- Cause more secondary fires.

*Fuel based = Cars, trucks, boats, copters, planes, gas pump, gas / propane tanks, tankers.
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