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RAGE: Transportation



RAGE: Transportation is a mod which offers a variety of different vehicles to transport goods and passengers across the state of San Andreas. At this moment the mod supports the following vehicles:
* semi trucks: Packer, Phantom, Hauler
* trailers: Trailers, Tanker, Docktrailer,
* box trucks: Pounder, Mule,
* other trucks: Mixer, Rubble, Tipper, Scrap,
* Bus, Coach.

You might transport 40 different loads for 87 companies. There are 12 bus lines/routes to transport passengers between 44 bus stops.

Deliveries and goods
You can start a new delivery in any moment, in every place. You don’t need to get back to your company or drive anywhere, just use a simple interface to display all possible loads, loading points and destinations with additional information of distance, estimated income and a minimap preview of selected load and drop locations.

Bus and coach missions
The mod offers the opportunity to play as a bus/coach driver. There are 3 different types of mission: city lines, intercity lines, trips. You can create your own bus stops and lines by using the set of tools included to the mod.

Repair shops and vehicle modification
Even the most reliable trucks break. Visit one of many repair shops to fix your truck and trailer. You might also install modifications and repaint your truck. Remember that prices vary, stick to the cheapest shops to save money.

Gas stations
Heavy machinery needs a lot of fuel. Visit one of many gas stations to refill your tank. The more powerful your truck is the more fuel you will need.

Extensive modding support allow the users to create additional content making the mod the most advanced and realistic experience of trucking in GTA V. A pack of tools let users to create their own businesses, loads and repair shops. All neccessary instructions can be found in a SDK - How-To file.

Available mods
* https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/new-busstations-and-missions-rage-transportation

* recompiled under RPH 1.81 and RNUI 1.7
* recompiled under RPH 0.60 and RNUI 1.6.3

* recompiled under RPH 0.55 and RNUI 1.6.1,
* minor changes to internal mechanisms.
* recompiled under RPH 0.50
* recompiled under RPH 0.49
* by-passed null ref when HandlingData is not valid (on adding a custom vehmodel),
* RadioStation.Off fixed temporarily by replacing it with LSRockRadio,
* fixed bug with creating Checkpoint for a freight.
* recompiled under RPH 0.47, works only with GTA V v877,
* fixed NullReference exception while calling FuelLevel of a vehicle,
* fixed bug of saving RadioStation.Off as 255,
* performance improvements.
* Controller support bug fixed.
* ability to place new bus shelters on the map (SDK tools -> bus stop creation tool),
* added Hauler with set of custom engines,
* added 4 new businesses,
* added new loads,
* added new bus stops with bus shelters (using the new SDK feature),
* added new city bus line: C,
* added finalizer - mod resources like vehicles, blips etc. will be removed when the mod gets terminated.
* vehicle parts system: engine replacements - let you pick one from different engines for your truck (suported models: Packer, Phantom)
* ability to repaint vehicles in repair shop
* reworked repair shop menu
* new “freight delivered” message
* 1 new repair shop
* new config entry: FUEL_CONSUMPTION_ON
* performance improvements
* bug fixes.
* recompiled under RPH 0.39 and RAGENativeUI 1.4.1,
* new feature: rest areas aka parkings,
* new feature: saving vehicle positions; disabled by default; you can enable it by editing the “SAVE_VEHS_POSITION” entry in Config\Configuration.xml file; “ResetVehiclePositions” command in RPH console will reset positions,
* each vehicle has it’s own blip,
* 4 new gas stations,
* fixed: crash while loading by startup.rphs,
* improved performance
* fuel consumption,
* 16 gas stations,
* vehicle state (fuel, health, mileage etc.) is saved to a file,
* status bars shows the vehicle state,
* indicators (default keys: K, L),
* minimap blips are shown on basis of a distance beetween POI and a player,
* 2 new intercity lines,
* 1 new business,
* Configuration.xml - wide customization possibilities including change of speed and mileage units.
bus and coach missions + tools to create new bus stops and routes,
mod renamed from enRAGEd Trucking to RAGE: Transportation to better describe it's features.
controler support.
most of loadable vehicles can now haul multiple loads,
new type of mission: deliver a trailer between locations,
new user interface,
many new businesses (now 82), loads (38 in total), repair shops (now 10 of them)
introduction of SDK - a pack of tools for resource creators,
minor changes.
Added vehicles: Pounder, Tip Truck, Mixer, Mule, Scrap, Rubble.
Company spawn are being cleared from cars before spawning vehicles - in prevents from trucks and trailers being piled up.

Have in mind that every aspect of a gameplay might change.

All information about installation and usage is to be found in Readme file!

1) RAGE Plugin Hook

2) RAGENativeUI

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