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    @JustDancePC just a reminder, missing .ini file in 3.1.0

    vor 2 Tagen
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    @Poorsoul44 Carbine rifle "bug" : when in cover and shooting without aiming it "forgets" it's semi-auto fire setting and uses full auto.

    7. September 2021
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    Thanx for the mod, works great for me even with mp_female model.
    Can you please make .ini (or whatever) where others can adjust hunger/thirst rate of decay, price of food/drink and how much each item replenishes thirst/hunger?
    I've tried to play with need2.cs values but.. uhm ..yeah...

    11. Mai 2021
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    @mcal9909 thanx for update.
    You planning to put some values to ".ini" so everyone can adjust them to their liking. For example (contrary to to others) I like longer heat and police presence (for always on my toes feeling) and dislike that police use sirens alerting me and then turn off when come near... and would love to tweak some other things too.

    1. Mai 2021
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    @kingneak85 try fast double clicking button, you know "click click", it works for most times for me. Or I go to another car click there and back to desired one and click again.

    1. Mai 2021
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    Can you please change keybind (or better add option in settings) for EnableRemoteSystem since it uses same keybind as https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/trunk#comments_tab (and that mod doesn't have settings option)

    22. April 2021
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    in LSlife.ini set MARKERS = false

    20. April 2021
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    @Zemanez thank you guys so much for fuel fixes(and other stuff), works great now.

    There is gas station (Globe Oil) at X:-319 Y:-1472 Z:31 R:12, crossing of Alta st. and Innocence Blvd. but you can't refuel there. I checked in ent-config.xml and there is no entry for it, or was it left out on purpose?

    Is it possible to add XY "slider" for [Show Current In-Game Time] option, and other HUD elements?
    I like ENT "clock" because it shows date and day of week (important for some mod I use) but would love to have it display position somewhere else.

    19. April 2021
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    Don't change license plate (with mods) if you stored anything in trunk because it will freeze you in place.
    Reloading scripts won't help because camera will still be stuck in that place...
    -When you acquire new car change license plate first then you can take/store normaly
    -If you wish to change license after you stashed you will need to "play with stuff" in GTA5\Scripts\Trunk\WeaponStash.xml

    29. März 2021
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    I've been tweaking with fuel settings and seen some thing that might be "improved".

    Refuel price based on time:
    Refueling at gas station seems to be based on how much time you spend refueling not on amount of fuel you took. So if you set refueling speed very slow you will pay lot more for same amount than with very fast refuel.
    Price to be based on amount of fuel you put in tank so you pay same amount no matter of refueling speed.

    Refueling don't stop when money reaches 0$:
    AT gas station, if you don't fully load car tank and your money reaches 0$ (and you didn't stop refueling process) seems that refueling still works/waits in background because you can go far away from gas station and when/if you get some money it will then continue to refuel again until your gas tank is full or you drop to 0$ again.
    Refueling process stops if money reaches 0$ or you must be near gas station for refuel to work (don't know how will this affect refueling from jerrycan)

    Fuel spent based on distance:
    Seems that when driving fuel is spend on distance traveled, so no matter if you hold your forward/backward button or just idle traveling downhill in "neutral gear" you will spend same amount of fuel.
    If not holding forward or backward button, fuel used is based on your [ idle consumption>x.x ] setting.
    This way you can save fuel by economic driving with less of hardGAS->hardBRAKE, more of gas->release and travel on speed momentum).

    Thank you.

    29. März 2021