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1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport [BETA]



1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport for GTA V

Hello! This is my first conversion to GTA V.
Stage: BETA [First Release] - so feel free to report any bugs! ;)
The model can't boast of high detail like Forza or other games, but it is my favorite car, and I really wanted to see Torino in game :)

  • Original author of 3D model: CSR Classics
  • Model downloaded from: GameModels.ru
  • Converted to GTA V: DMN

In this version
  • Support of all main game features
  • Included all LODs
  • A functioning system of light
  • Working dashboard
  • Dirt mapping
  • Breakable windows
  • Correct player position
  • Colors: PAINT:1 (body); PAINT:2 (interior)
  • Files: yft [HI] - 1.2 МB; .yft - 1.9 МB; .ytd - 2.2 МB

  • Open \x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf archive with OpenIV and replace all files from downloaded archive with model

  • No settings in this version :(

  • Mad_Driver - for source model
  • nikitoss - 3D model of taillight

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  • Join GameModels Community Facebook - www.facebook.com/GameModels
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  • Michael2

    an addon Version of this bad ass var would be great. love it

    21. Februar 2016
  • Default

    Мод шикарный! 45к полигонов, выглядит идеально. ЛОДы все на месте и оптимизированы хорошо. Разбивается отлично. Из багов только мелочи - фары тонируются вместе со стеклами, больше пока ничего. Отлично становится вместо voodoo2. Однозначно одна из лучших работ, редкое качество.

    28. Februar 2016
  • Default

    broooo, please help me out here.. I really love your mod but can never use it because I put the files in \x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf, in my "mods" folder created by openiv, and when i spawn "sabregt" using "enhanced native trainer", I get the same old Sabre Gt.. no Gran Torino.. SOS :((

    11. März 2016
  • Default

    my buddy owns one of these, love this mod!

    19. März 2016
  • Default

    Guys please help me everytime I download a mod (I have to use internet explorer) all I get is a notepad with letters on it someone please help

    21. März 2016
  • Afa24e guyfawkes

    @DMN One of my favorites, thank you.

    8. April 2016
  • Wade

    Car isn't perfect. I think it's a bit oversized, rear window can't be broken completely, tires are messed when wheel is poped up. Common issues, but nice try.

    9. April 2016
  • Default

    Can you make the livery for...

    1) "Gran Torino" (2008), starring Clint Eastwood.
    2) Fenix's Torino from "Fast & Furious."

    12. Juni 2016
  • Default

    And also a Torino within the 1974-1976 range with the "Starsky & Hutch" livery?

    12. Juni 2016
  • 047b8f 10928987 934131343278286 1583063666689438232 n

    Hey man, could you make a 71 Torino 500?

    12. Juli 2016
  • 8fa9dd tribal skull left sample black background

    Can someone make a Starsky & Hutch Livery for this mod please.

    29. Oktober 2016
  • 64c2ef verminlogofinal20172.0

    @IraqVet I'm on it

    17. November 2016
  • 64c2ef verminlogofinal20172.0

    @IraqVet Unless the author will let me lol

    17. November 2016
  • 64c2ef verminlogofinal20172.0

    @DMN may I create a Livery for this vehicle? Asking permission in respect for your mod :)

    17. November 2016
  • 8fa9dd tribal skull left sample black background

    Thank You, reason I want it is because when I was a freshman in high school it was the very first car

    18. November 2016
  • 8fa9dd tribal skull left sample black background

    Would seriously love to see a Torino within the 1974-1976 range with the "Starsky & Hutch" livery myself as well

    1. Dezember 2016
  • 8fa9dd tribal skull left sample black background

    I found a 1975 Gran Torino mod for GTA 4 but I don't know how to convert it to GTA V because the files are wtf/wyd can anyone convert this please

    1. Dezember 2016
  • 8fa9dd tribal skull left sample black background

    ok I finally got the wtf file converted to ytf then saved as z3d for 1975 Gran Torino Super Sport I uploaded the z3d vehicle file if I can just get someone with a lot more experience to just add the textures and liveries because that I definitely don't know how to to

    2. Dezember 2016
  • Default

    i wish some one would make a 75 ford grand torino along with a zebra 3 cop car verision

    7. Dezember 2016
  • D179df lapd officer 3003b0cb d75d 42de b035 b5e80f47d9d5

    Awesome model, has lods and doesn't have too much polys. Good job :)

    19. Januar 2017
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