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Realistic Handling for polarbearr's K5 Blazer 1.0


Get the truck here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1986-k5-blazer-add-on-fivem

Handling is based on real life experience beating on my 86 K5 350 V8 with stock 3.08 axle ratios.

TBI 350 V8
210 HP
110 MPH
Full time 4X4 until someone makes a mod that lets us switch.
Acceleration is fair despite the hefty weight thanks to a torquey small block 350 V8 and a robust, well geared 4 speed manual transmission. Top speed is surprisingly high for a metal box on wheels thanks to a 3.08 final drive ratio which is relatively tall gearing for a 4x4 truck. The tall final drive ratio was factory selected to improve fuel economy because these trucks have a dual range transfer case that can make up for it when 4x4 Low gear is selected.
Lower gears (higher number) like 4.10 could be ordered from the factory to improve pulling power and off road performance at the cost of on road fuel efficiency.
I may add this option with transmission choices in the future.
No gearing choices for offroad vehicles for now though, more testing is needed.

If using a modded materials.dat like my Realistic Traction Overhaul mod
then you WILL NOT be able to stop on steep inclines made of loose terrain.
To make this more managable CREEP downhill as slowly as possible when offroading.
I know this can be frustrating but for now it's small price to pay for massive
realism improvements in other areas. I am working on a solution to this.

"Competition" suspension is stock ride height, "Stock" suspension setting is actually lifted height. Just like real life stock suspension height (competition) gets much better traction on steep hills and is less likely to roll over when offroading or driving aggressively. Upgrading to offroad tires actually does improve your offroad traction in GTAV so offroad tires, engine and transmission upgrades, turbo, and competition suspension will all help you offroad much better than stock if you want to get a little more out of it.

I've spent countless hours getting the center of gravity to perform properly with offroad vehicles and setting up a handling meta that
is both low traction AND high center of gravity is very difficult and time consuming. Rollovers were originally possible when I first made this handling but making it possible to rollover on multiple materials.dat settings made it roll too often to be fun or realistic so I settled for pulling one or more tire off the ground when turning under high G forces but without quite enough traction to roll completely unless you are on an uneven or loose surface.

Inverse power by IKT and my realistic traction overhaul mod are both STRONGLY recommended for max traction realism on and off road.

More highly recommended vehicle realism mods include:

Seatbelt and Better damage from crashes
Mid-Air AutoCorrection disabler
Explosion-On-Crash disabler
Better Chases Plus
True Smoke V (Bigger Realistic Drift Clouds)
Vehicle Basic Control by Hunk
Real-Loud Car Radios
LeFix Simple Fuel
LeFix Speedometer
Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support
Stop Reversing While Braking

To install replace handling.meta located in the "data" section of
Polarbearr's 86K5 dlc pack with the engine/transmision combo you would like to use.
(Only one engine/trans combo can be installed at a time)

To install sound replace vehicles.meta located in the data section of
Polarbearr's 86K5 dlc pack.

Thanks for downloading.
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