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Community hud.gfx for Add-On Radio Stations 1.01

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All radio stations require a hud.gfx definition to be able to display on the weapon wheel, otherwise it's going to glitch around. Unfortunately, that's a file that is not easily editable meaning not everyone will be able to have HUD icons, or provide compatibility with other radio mods. This is a file set up with compatibility for all current radio stations, and with pre-defined slots for all future radio mods. This includes the texture sheet. All that mod devs will have to do is change the names of the pre-defined slots.

I also merged all Rockstar's DLC stations into a single texture, because they won't do it and I figured the texture dictionary would look neater without a million radio textures in it.

This file is free to use by everyone without needing to ask for permission.

You put this into "update.rpf\x64\patch\data\cdimages\scaleform_generic.rpf". Should probably be common knowledge, but anyway.

Radio docs hub - click here!
This features links to various radio-related guides, that should hopefully be of help when you're violating copyr- er, I mean... making radio stations.

-Vladivostok FM (TBoGT) by me
-Vladivostok FM (IV) by _CP_
-Blatnoi Radio by Kevin56436
-Vice City FM (EFLC) by me
-Electro-Choc by _CP_
-Pre-Millenium Radio by HeySlickThatsMe and A_mbien_t (coming soon)
-Nightride FM by Boywond (coming soon)
-Afterglow FM by LamboFreak
-Liberty Rock Radio by _CP_

You can ask me to have a slot reserved ONLY if you can show you got your radio working in-game.
-RADIO_30_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 3)
-RADIO_31_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 4)
-RADIO_32_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 5)
-RADIO_33_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 6)
-RADIO_34_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 7)
-RADIO_35_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 8)
-RADIO_36_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 9)
-RADIO_37_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 10)
-RADIO_38_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 11)
-RADIO_39_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 12)
-RADIO_40_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 13)
-RADIO_41_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 14)
-RADIO_42_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 15)
-RADIO_43_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 16)
-RADIO_44_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 17)
-RADIO_45_COMMUNITYSLOT (radio texture 18)
Obviously it doesn't mean you have to name your station "COMMUNITYSLOT". Feel free to change the name (very recommended), or keep it.

That's all!
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